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A message from The President of The Neurotech EEG Institute (NEI)

I am thrilled to serve as our president and founder; however, my colleague Misty Jurrens is the real brain behind the infrastructure and education components of NEI. My role as president is to steward NEI to ensure we achieve our mission, "Improving Neurological Outcomes through EEG Training and Education." As a Christian, I believe we must steward Neurotech EEG Institute for a greater purpose. This purpose is more than just educating EEG Technologists and students. I believe God wants us to use NEI to develop EEG technologists that will also comfort, educate, and lift up patients and families dealing with neurological disorders.

Our Vision Statement is "Increasing Professional Development to Fight Neurological Disorders." We know EEG technologists can have positive impact on patients in decreasing physical and mental pain through increased professional education and training. Skilled EEG technologists can make a difference in neurological outcomes when adhering to international guidelines for each patient we work with. We believe ethics, industry involvement, continued education, and EEG Lab innovations are keys to being a world-class EEG Technologist.

Whether you are a prospective student, current Registered EEG Technologist, neurologist, or patient, I want you to know we will make mistakes. Still, we will hold each other accountable to improve each day. As a Registered EEG Technologist for 20 plus years, and CEO who oversees 70 plus EEG Technologists, I know we can always learn and become better as professionals and as individuals. We hope NEI will positively impact everyone we come in connection with.


Keith Morgan
President of The Neurotech EEG Institute


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54-Week Online Course

Our ABRET recognized, comprehensive program includes didactic as well as practical applications. Students have weekly modules, lectures, reading assignments, and quizzes.


8-Week Online Course

This curriculum is tailored to correspond with the ABRET Certification Long Term Monitoring exam outline. The course consists of weekly presentations, videos, assignments, and quizzes.