Worldwide EEG Technologist Training Programs

EEG Career FAQs

Where do EEG technologists work?
EEG technologists can work in hospital labs, clinics, physician’s offices, ambulatory EEG and EEG monitoring service providers. 
What are the responsibilities of EEG technologist? 
EEG technologists perform routine and LTM EEG studies, they interact with patients, explain the procedure, and maintain patients’ safety and comfort during the recording. They document findings and report to physician. ABRET credentialed EEG technologists (R. EEG T) who are skilled in recognizing EEG patterns can annotate and review EEGs, highlighting abnormalities for physician to read. They can also monitor patients undergoing long term EEG in facilities or in homes. CLTM credentialed technologists can monitor critically ill patients and perform advanced neurodiagnostic procedures. 
What is the career outlook for EEG Technologists?
EEG technologists are needed both in the US and abroad. EEG technologists can advance their career by obtaining ABRET credentials in EEG and CLTM (certificate in long term monitoring).
What is the average pay for an EEG Tech?
In the United States the EEG technologist can make between $45,000 and $80,000 depending on credentials, experience, and position responsibilities (ASET Salary Survey).