Worldwide EEG Technologist Training Programs
EEG Program

EEG Program


This is a 54 week, ABRET recognized, comprehensive program including didactic as well as practical applications. This online program consists of weekly modules, lectures, reading assignments and quizzes. Students are also asked to upload videos, photos, and EEG samples. Weekly advising meeting are offered to assist students with the material. After completion of the program, graduates will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to take the R.EEG board exam via pathway II.  More information about the board exam can be found at


  1. Be a current employee of Neurotech, LLC or a student/technologist outside of the United States
  2. Students must be currently working in EEG lab or have the ability to perform EEG procedures 
  3. Total of 500 clinical hours must be completed prior to completion of the program
  4. Students must have Internet access with video capabilities
  5. Weekly meetings with your advisor (1 hour) 
  6. Initial supplies required- mannequin head, tape measure, and marking pencil

Curriculum Outline

Period I

  • History of EEG
  • Regulating Agencies
  • 10-20 Measurement system
  • Anatomical Terms
  • ACNS Guideline 1: Minimum Technical Standards for Performing EEG
  • Electrode Types and Application Techniques
  • Documentation/Taking Patient History
  • Basic Electricity/Electrical Safety

Period II

  • Instrumentation/Amplifiers
  • Filters/Sensitivity
  • Calibrations
  • Montages
  • Polarity/Localization Techniques
  • Analog-Digital Conversions

Period III

  • EEG Analysis
  • Basic Frequencies
  • Normal Variants
  • Sleep/Sleep waveforms
  • Development of EEG- Neonate to <60yrs
  • Activation Procedures

Period IV

  • Abnormal EEG
  • Seizure Classification
  • Neurological Exam
  • Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES)
  • Epilepsy Disorders
  • Seizure First Aid

Period V

  • Focal/Generalized patterns
  • Stroke/Cerebrovascular Disease
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • CNS Infections
  • Cerebral Silence EEG
  • Other EEG Patterns
  • Neuroanatomy
  • EEG Terminology

Period VI

  • Board Exam Review
  • Mock Board Exam

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